Texas Woods For Sale


Texas Woods For Sale

I have turning/carving wood and lumber for sale - all from
southeastern Texas much of which is considered exotic by
non-Texans. It includes lots of Mesquite, Huisache (Sweet Acacia),
Bodark (or Osage Orange) and Pecan. I also have a fair amount of
Black Cherry (some large pieces) and various quantities of other
Texas wood (Hackberry, Elm, etc.). Pieces available include whole
and half log, square blanks, crotches and some root burl slabs
(even some air and kiln dried 4/4 lumber).

Most of the turning wood sells for $2.00/pound in the rough. Some
pieces, such as root burl and blanks already cut and trimmed by me,
are priced higher. If I have what you really want and it is still in
the log, I will likely cut to your specification.

I ship at cost plus a small packaging fee. Much of this wood is
on-line at http://www.texaswoodcrafts.net

Finished projects from these woods: http://www.prairiesend.com/turnings

Lloyd Stahl

Payment Accepted

Cash, Cheque,

Contact: TO_main

Code: 93081